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Model Call | Shower Boudoir

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I did some boudoir early on in my almost 15 year career as a full time professional photographer but I stayed away from my love for it when I was in the midst of brand building and having lots of babies because I was too busy to really explore and experiment and build that part of my craft. I have decided now is the time! Being 43 and having a baby has been a little crazy on my body and I needed a little pick me up. Several times I have been in my shower and noticed how yummy the light is (may have sent some selfies to my fiancé that were 🔥 lol) so the other afternoon I had some time to experiment and I AM IN LOVE!

A few caveats…I sprained (it appears to be a fracture) my ankle the night before and so I was very limited in my running around and posing and such. And, since I was using a timer and a tripod to test this I couldn’t get the really gorgeous angles with the light and the water so I worked with what I had. That being said…I am doing something I have never done…a model call!

So this is how this works… I am going to open this up to the first five women who would like to have some boudoir shots done. These will be almost entirely shower scenes, and can be clothed (lingerie, bathing suit) or unclothed. You can be very specific about what you want photographed and what you do not. You can even decide which, if any, images, I am allowed to use for marketing. Even that will be very discreet and not for open view on my website. My main goal is to get comfortable with these and really gone my skills. These will take place during the month of February and either need to be around sunrise or sunset. February is a pretty slow month, so I have plenty of open dates that would accommodate.

I am doing these model calls for a very discounted rate in order to get some practice and build my portfolio in this genre. The sessions will be about 30 to 40 minutes long and you will receive 7 fully edited digitals. They will be retouched to your liking, I can edit them as heavily or as lightly as you would like. These heavily discounted model call sessions are $500 and they are linked below to book. Basically you will book and then I will contact you and we will come up with a day and time to do them. If anybody would like them in time for Valentine’s Day I could even do a few of them this week.

I am posting some of my examples, because in order for me to expect you to be comfortable with it, I should also be!

Book here: https://kansassessions.bigcartel.com/product/model-call-shower-boudoir
Shoot me an email with your availability to [email protected] or text 850-387-6016 (also can text for questions!)